Ramaphosa concerned Africa does not have voice in UN Security Council

Cyril Ramaphosa

Cape Town – South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for the United Nations Security Council to be overhauled and for its composition to be representative of the global landscape, the presidency said.

The President said this when he responded to oral questions before the National Assembly, in Cape Town, on Thursday.

Ramaphosa said the fact that Africa, a continent of 1.3 billion people, does not have a significant voice in the UN Security Council is something of great concern to the citizens of the continent.

“There is a tendency for the most powerful countries to use their positions as permanent UN Security Council members to serve their national interests, rather than the interests of global peace and stability.

“The Security Council needs to be overhauled so that there is equitable representation and a more inclusive mechanism for resolving international disputes, ” Ramaphosa told members of parliament.

The President said the conflict in Ukraine shows a need for a multilateral approach when nations of the world deal with issues of peace and security.

“It also demonstrates the weaknesses in the structure, practices and architecture of the United Nations.

“The composition of the UN Security Council, in particular, does not reflect the realities of the prevailing global landscape.

“We should also work to revitalise the Non-Aligned Movement, to ensure that those countries that are not part of the hegemonic contests between the big powers can work together to build peace across the globe,” he said.

The President called for the de-escalation, dialogue and a return to diplomacy with regards to the conflict in Ukraine.

“Additionally, the Secretary-General has called for an immediate ceasefire, respect for the UN Charter and international law and adherence to existing peace mechanisms, including the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, as part of multilateral efforts to end the violence.

“South Africa stands ready to support genuine multilateral efforts to end the conflict and achieve a lasting peace in the region,” Ramaphosa said.