Malawi issues arrest warrant for Bushiri after blocking daughter’s treatment abroad

Shepherd Bushiri

Pretoria – No explanation was given by the Malawian authorities for blocking the 8-year-old daughter of self-proclaimed Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri from travelling to Kenya for medical assistance, a spokesperson for the charismatic preacher said on Monday.

“I can confirm that on Friday, 19th February, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s daughter was blocked from flying to Nairobi, Kenya, to seek medical attention. She was accompanied by three guardians. Prophet Bushiri and Prophetess Bushiri were not part of the delegation,” said Ephraim Nyondo.

“The daughter, 8, was duly referred by competent Malawi medical professionals to seek further medical treatment and all required immigration details were in place to facilitate her travel through a chartered air ambulance.”

Nyondo said no information was given regarding the blockage of the delegation.

“Up to date, my office hasn’t been supplied with any information as to why the child was denied the right to lawfully access medical attention after being duly referred by a competent medical practitioner. The child’s condition remains critical at the same medical facility which referred her to seek further medical attention in Kenya,” said Nyondo.

He said the Bushiri daughter has previously received medical attention in Kenya.

“The child has been flying there several times and I am shocked with this isolated blocking,” said Nyondo.

“Shockingly, few hours after the child was denied her right to good health and right to life, Malawi police issued a warrant of arrest for prophet Bushiri and prophetess Mary Bushiri. I still don’t have the grounds for the warrant and, according to the media, even the police haven’t explain the warrant.”

Nyondo said on Sunday morning, the Malawian police stormed one of Bushiri’s properties to effect the warrant of arrest. He said Bushiri’s lawyers have since challenged the police action in court.

“I have strong belief in the leadership of this country and I am certain that it will positively consider our plea and request that the child must go and have medical care just as she was referred by the doctor,” said Nyondo.

“Having worked with the prophet for many years, I have noticed that he is a man of faith who believes that doctors treat, but it is God who heals. He believes the child has a right to life and access to medical attention just as any other citizen.”

Bushiri and his wife fled South Africa last year while on bail. They are wanted in Pretoria on a raft of charges, including fraud and money-laundering.

African News Agency (ANA)

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