Julius Malema fake identity reported

Julius Malema

South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters have issued a statement claiming that there is an individual who is using a fake identity of their leader Julius Sello Malema and is soliciting for money from businesspeople.

The party said, “The EFF notes with dismay the impersonation of CIC Julius Malema by an unknown individual. The individual uses a falsified passport with the name of CIC Julius Malema, with an old picture of the CIC, his birth date and an incorrect identity number. The person contacts people with an email Julius. malema232@aqmail.com and attempts to solicit money under the CIC’s name. He recently contacted a businessman in Germany to solicit money and in his introduction, he identified himself as Julius Malema.”

The party said the identity theft was infringing on the security of their leader and his family.

“The negative consequences this can have on CIC Julius Malema’s reputation, his security and the security of his family are immense and we are concerned that this individual has been operating under the falsified identity of the CIC since 2015.

“We urge anyone who has information and anyone who has been contacted by this individual to contact us through our official platforms. We further urge members of the public to ignore requests for assistance from unidentifiable individuals, in order to avoid being defrauded by people masquerading as the EFF party leader.”

Source – Byo24