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FRELIMO Presidential Candidate to Visit Zimbabwe Ahead of Mozambique Elections

Daniel Chapo
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HARARE,— Daniel Francisco Chapo, the presidential candidate for Mozambique’s ruling Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO), is scheduled to visit Zimbabwe on July 20 for discussions with President Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of Mozambique’s upcoming elections in October this year.

Chapo, aged 47, has been nominated to succeed President Filipe Nyusi, who has reached the constitutional limit of two terms in office.

ZANU PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa confirmed to NewsDay that Chapo’s visit is intended as a courtesy call “as he seeks wisdom from elders” of former liberation movements in southern Africa, including Zimbabwe.

“He is visiting all former liberation movements in southern Africa. He will be meeting President Mnangagwa. There is now so much in Zimbabwe that it is attracting attention,” Mutsvangwa stated.

Mutsvangwa highlighted recent economic developments in Zimbabwe, including the revitalization of Manhize, a steelmaking company, and plans to boost economic activity through the port of Beira. He emphasized the historical ties between ZANU PF and FRELIMO, noting their shared experiences in the struggle against apartheid and racism.

“FRELIMO has governed Mozambique since the country attained independence from Portugal in 1975. We are sister parties with FRELIMO, so he (Chapo) is coming to learn,” Mutsvangwa explained.

Chapo, born two years after Mozambique’s independence, holds a degree in Law from the Faculty of Law at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo. His career includes roles in teaching Constitutional Law and Political Science, as well as serving as an administrator and governor in Mozambique’s provincial governance.

“Mozambique will hold its seventh presidential and parliamentary elections on October 9, the second for provincial governors and the fourth for provincial assemblies,” NewsDay reported.

Chapo’s visit to Zimbabwe underscores regional collaboration and the exchange of ideas between political leaders ahead of crucial electoral processes in Mozambique.