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Biden says only the ‘Lord Almighty’ could oust him from race

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MADISON, -U.S. President Joe Biden referred to his recent debate against Republican opponent Donald Trump as “a bad episode” but maintained his confidence in an interview with ABC News on Friday, asserting he remains the best candidate to challenge Trump in the upcoming November election.

“No indication of any serious condition. I was exhausted. I didn’t listen to my instincts in terms of preparing and — and a bad night,” Biden, 81, explained to ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos in a taped interview in Madison, Wisconsin. “I just had a bad night. I don’t know why,” he added, occasionally stumbling over his words.

Stephanopoulos gently but persistently questioned Biden about his realistic chances of defeating Trump, given widening polls and increasing concerns from elected Democrats. “I don’t think anyone is more qualified,” Biden asserted. He dismissed the polls as inaccurate.

When asked if he would consider dropping out if fellow Democrats in Congress indicated his candidacy was jeopardizing their re-election chances, Biden quipped, “If the Lord Almighty comes out and tells me that, I might do that.”

Health and Cognitive Tests

During the 22-minute interview, which Stephanopoulos stated was not cut or edited, Biden revealed he had felt “terrible” during the debate. He recounted how his doctors tested him for COVID-19 and other infections, which were negative, concluding he had a bad cold. “It was no one else’s fault but my own,” Biden admitted, adding he had not rewatched his debate performance.

When questioned about his physical and cognitive health, Biden responded emphatically, “No,” dismissing concerns about frailty. “Look, I have a cognitive test every single day. Every day I have that test – everything I do (is a test),” he reiterated amid repeated inquiries about his mental fitness.

Defiant Stance

Earlier on Friday, Biden delivered a fiery speech in Madison, asserting that some Democrats were attempting to push him out of the race post-debate. However, he assured during the ABC News interview that senior Democrats had not approached him to step aside. He mentioned extensive discussions with House Speaker Hakeem Jeffries and Representative Jim Clyburn.

Biden also highlighted his achievements, including expanding NATO, growing the economy, and proposing a Middle East peace plan. He discussed his vision for healthcare expansion and tax system reforms if re-elected.

Mixed Reactions

The interview, even before airing in full, did little to alleviate concerns about Biden’s age. Ron Fournier, senior adviser at Truscott Rossman and former White House correspondent, commented on social media platform X, “I’ve seen enough. It’s hard to imagine this good man beating Trump and serving four more years in the most demanding job on earth.”

As the 2024 election approaches, Biden’s resolve remains firm, but the path ahead is fraught with challenges both within his party and from the electorate.

Source: Reuters