AfriForum won’t be dettered in Mugabe’s assault case

Gabriella Engels sits during a press conference at the AfriForum Offices in Centurion. Picture: Alaister Russell

AfriForum says they won’t be deterred in their case against the embattled Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

This after news agency, Reuters reported that Mugabe gave a statement to South African police denying that she assaulted model, Gabriella Engelswith an electric cable in a Johannesburg hotel – claiming instead that an “intoxicated and unhinged” Engels attacked her with a knife.

Engels suffered a deep gash to her forehead and bruising to her body during the alleged encounter with Zimbabwe’s first lady.

Grace Mugabe was granted diplomatic immunity by South Africa – causing widespread outrage.

AfriForum Spokesperson, Willie Spies says this is typical of a criminal to blame the victim for their crime.

“I was not surprised to read that she wrote the statement. And it doesn’t change our case at all; for that very reason we believe it is so important that this matter should not be left to politicians to decide, should not be left to her friends to grant her immunity. It should be left to the courts to determine the truth and to make sure that the true events of that evening are determined and that justice runs its course.”

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