5 beheaded in Mozambique terrorist attack

In this image taken from militant video released by the Islamic State group on Monday March 29, 2021, purporting to show fighters near the strategic north eastern Mozambique town of Palma, as the militant group claimed it had taken control of the area after five days of conflict. The video from the Islamic State group claims to show fighters in or near Palma, but cannot be independently verified by The Associated Press. (AMAQ Militant video via AP)

MAPUTO. – Islamist militants in the north of Mozambique have beheaded five people and kidnapped an unknown number of others in an attack on the village of Pangane.

The nearby area of Chai was also targeted and although no-one died there four people were kidnapped. The attacks happened last Friday, but information has only just come out as the authorities are reluctant to talk about these kinds of incidents.

According to local sources the consequences of the attacks would have been more serious had it not been for the prompt reaction of the local militia who confronted the militants.

Survivors of the Pangane attack who fled towards Macomia town said that the beheadings were carried out in full view of the other villagers. Two suspected attackers were captured and taken to the police after their movements aroused suspicion. – BBC.

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