‘Mnangagwa joined the struggle only 2 years before independence’

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Defence Minister Sidney Sekeramayi

President Emmerson Mnangagwa joined the liberation struggle in 1978 when he arrived in Mozambique, National Patriotic Front Spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire has said.

The firebrand Spokesperson said Mnangagwa was using his false relationship with Mugabe as a means to legitimize his standing in ZANU PF.

In a Twitter conversation, Mawarire said, “ED joined the struggle in Moza in 1978, 24 months b4 independence, that he was by RGM’s side for 50 years is another expedient lie he told gullible Zanu-PF supporters to justify his claim that he was RGM’s heir apparent. Pple like Sekeramayi worked with Mugabe longer.”

A few months back we carried a story where a social media probe into Mnangagwa’s CV was led by one Ali Naka where holes were poked into his academic journey.

Ali Naka had said, “Mnangagwa was deported in 1975 to Zambia where he studied law at the university of Zambia and attempted to lie that the law program was only introduced in 1977 yet the University confirms it was introduced in 1967.”

According to Mnangagwa’s official biography published in 2017 by the state-owned Sunday News he was deported to Zambia in 1975 after serving 10 years in prison. It is said that he then enrolled at the University of Zambia, where he studied a  law degree and completed his articling with a Lusaka-based law firm led by Enoch Dumbutshena, who would later become Zimbabwe’s first black judge.

A Wikipedia biography conflicted with the above biography and said when Mnangagwa was in prison, he befriended Mugabe and together, they studied law via correspondence courses. It is said Mnangagwa initially wanted to pursue a Bachelor of Science in economics but instead decided to study law. In 1972, he took his final examinations for a Bachelor of Laws through the University of London International Programmes.

Source – Byo24