Australian national nabbed with fake local identity

An AUSTRALIAN national is in trouble with the law for allegedly forging Zimbabwean  identity particulars in a desperate bid to remain in the country.

In an era where Zimbabweans are flocking to foreign lands in search of “greener pastures” ,Aaron William Young went against the grain before his luck ran out.

The 45-year-old was apprehended early this month after the Department of Immigration and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), working on a tip off, pounced at his residence leading to his arrest.

He is being charged with fraud under the Criminal Codification and Reform Act as well as possession of documents one is not entitled to under the Immigration Act.

“The Australian national, Aaron William Young (45) was ordered to surrender all his identity particulars upon his apprehension. It was discovered that he possessed a fake Zimbabwe national identity card,” the Department of Immigration noted.

“Investigations with the issuing authority led to the unearthing of information that he had acquired the identity card fraudulently.”

Young is further alleged to have applied for a Zimbabwean passport which he was issued using the fraudulently acquired document.

“He acquired a residence permit in 2010 on the strength of his marriage to a citizen which fell away upon their divorce in May 2011 before attainment of citizenship,” the Department said.

“Records with the Department of Immigration show that he was an illegal immigrant in Zimbabwe from July 2015 which necessitated the criminal action on the part of Young. 

“During this period he also engaged in gainful employment unlawfully.”