40 Percent Of Weapons Confiscated From Police, CIO During Coup Unaccounted For

Prof. Jonathan Moyo

Exiled former cabinet minister and G40 Faction member Professor Jonathan Moyo has claimed that almost half of the weapons which were confiscated from the police and the central intelligence organisation during the November
2017 military coup are still unaccounted for. Writing on Twitter, Moyo said

An untold and deadly footnote to the 15 November coup is that soldiers randomly and illegally confiscated weapons and ammunition from other security agents or agencies of State; i.e the CIO and ZRP whose armoury was emptied. The problem is that some 40% of this remains unaccounted for!

The possibility of criminal or terrorist use of weapons and ammunition randomly and illegally confiscated by soldiers in the 15 November coup, poses a clear and present danger in Zimbabwe and the Sadc region. The tacit approval of the 2017 coup by Sadc & AU has exacerbated that danger!

While it would be prejudicial & irresponsible to draw any conclusions about what happened & who was responsible for the #ZanuPFBomb, outside the findings of an internationally credible investigation involving #Sadc & #AU, some facts around the explosion invite questions!

*Why was ZRP conspicuous by its absence?
*Will all weapons confiscated in the coup be recovered?
*Will VIPs who behaved like they knew something was about to happen be arrested?
*Any links re (about) past reports of grenade at Chiwenga’s house & fatal shootings at Mnangagwa’s house?

The bomb tragedy smacks of an inside job, over “internally unresolved leadership contestation”. Charamba who speaks more for Chiwenga than for Mnangagwa, said as much; stating that the target was more the electoral process than Mnangagwa who apparently wanted a poll delay!

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