We all know the horror of sending a message by mistake. No matter the content of your message, we’ve all wished there were a way to take back a message sent by mistake. Well now you can, because WhatsApp now offers an option that allows you to delete messages sent with the last 7 minutes.

Here is how it works:

If you have sent a message to someone or group, you can delete the message by doing the following-

– select and hold the message you want deleted.

– press the delete button and a tab should appear.

– this will let you select to if you want to delete from you or delete for everyone.


The delete for everyone tab allows you to delete the message on your side and the person it was sent to, but you have to do so within 7 minutes of sending the message.

Once you delete a message the person will get a message notifying them that you deleted a message.

The new feature works if both you and the person on the receiving end have the latest version of WhatsApp.

If the other person has read the message or doesn’t have the correct version you’ll be notified that it was unsuccessful. – W24