Twitter reacts to Zim results as opposition storms election centre

Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu-PF has maintained its power in that country, winning the majority of seats in parliament, according to early results confirmed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on Wednesday confirmed that Zanu-PF attained a two-thirds majority in parliament, allowing the party to change the constitution.

AFP reported that MDC members have been protesting the results announcement, claiming the the election “was stolen.”

Video footage of riot police being deployed outside the national results centre in Harare has emerged on social media.

Opposition presidential candidate and MDC President Nelson Chamisa said on social media that the MDC had won the “popular vote & will defend it.”

The first ballot in 37 years since Robert Mugabe was forced from the throne has resulted in mixed reaction from social media users with some praising the election as a new dawn and others insisting nothing had changed.