Strive Masiyiwa deletes twitter account after wife cyber-bullying storm

Strive Masiyiwa has deleted his Twitter account following backlash from Zimbabweans against him and his wife over comments they have made. The account appears to have been deleted today, 01 January 2019.

Yesterday, Strive Masiyiwa commented on his Facebook wall that his wife had done a lot of good things for Zimbabwe using her non-profit organisation, Higherlife Foundation. In the same comment however, he also said he was friends with the employers of some of the cyber bullies who attacked his wife on Twitter.

This was taken by some Twitter users as a form of cyberbullying itself and Strive Masiyiwa was accused of attempting to get people fired from their jobs using his connections.

Former cabinet minister, Jonathan Moyo also weighed in calling Strive’s statements, “shocking, outrageous and nauseating”

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