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Radiation material intercepted at Beitbridge border

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The Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe (RPAZ) has intercepted an assortment of radioactive material that was being shipped from South Africa via the Beitbridge Border Post.

RPAZ spokesperson, Mr Shingirai Huni said the material has been taken to the local animal plant and quarantine facility for further management.

He said the material was recovered after a South African registered Toyota Quantum owned by Teichmann was intercepted last Wednesday.

“The vehicle had high radiation readings during routine checks at Beitbridge Border Post,” said Mr Huni.

“The van was transporting stationery and two boxes labelled “Radioactive Material” containing Troxler density gauges.”

Mr Huni said under the country’s regulations, Troxler density gauges must be transported in specific containers that meet safety standards and must be secured in a loading box to prevent accidents.

Additionally, vehicles carrying such materials must display visible radioactive material signs, and no passengers are allowed near the loading box.

“These gauges contain radioactive material, specifically Caesium-137 and Americium 241 Beryllium, and were en route from South Africa to Mozambique. Upon detecting a radiation dose exceeding 20 micro Sieverts per hour, the RPAZ’s inspector promptly alerted Zimra, EMA and the ZRP.

“The stakeholders requested the necessary licenses for transporting the radioactive materials and found that the documentation was inadequate. The handling of the material failed to meet safety standards,” said Mr Huni.

He said the vehicle was escorted out of the border to prevent any harm to the public and was detained at the local quarantine facility.

He said the National Nuclear Security Committee had since been notified and has been dispatched to Beitbridge.