Obert Mpofu joins Twitter

Obert Mpofu

ZANU-PF secretary for administration, Dr Obert Mpofu has joined a number of key political leaders inclusive of President Mnangagwa to open an official Twitter account.

Dr Mpofu who has been actively engaging his followers through his handle @DrObertMpofu said this was a platform for him to share authentic information on the country’s political landscape.

He said while he had suffered abuse on social media, his Twitter page gave him an opportunity to counter fake news that was being peddled about the country’s political and economic landscape.

“Due to the COVID-19 crisis we find ourselves disengaged from the people. So social media gives us room to make contact with people and have blow to blow exchanges on important national issues.

“So the idea is to use this space to share authentic information on issues surrounding our politics and information on the economy. Our absence here has caused national debate to be arrogated by reactionaries and imperialist handled propagandists,” said Dr Mpofu.

He said he was following in the steps of President Mnangagwa who is also active on social media platforms and is constantly engaging the public on various topics.

Dr Mpofu said the prime aim has been to bridge the gap between politicians and the people.

“We need to be where the young and the old are. Our national debates are on such platforms and as the Secretary for Administration of the ruling and a prominent party of liberation, it’s imperative for me to engage all Zimbabweans across the political and ideological divide.

“Therefore, as leaders in the ruling party we must all emulate President Mnangagwa and make use of the democratic social media dialogue spaces. This is the trend across the world. The days of conventional communication are coming to their end,” he said.

He further noted that through social media one gets to engage on various ideas and share varying points of dissent beyond petty prejudices.

Dr Mpofu also took a swipe at falsehoods being peddled on social media that he was bed ridden after contracting the Covid-19 pandemic, which he said was not true.

He recently went into self-quarantine after attending a conference for global political parties in Tanzania.

“The gross stigmatization is as if being infected and affected by COVID 19 is a taboo. I am actually encouraging members of the public to constantly have regular tests as I have been doing since the outbreak of the COVID-19.

“As it stands, my entire family has gone through similar routines of constant COVID 19 testing,” said Dr Mpofu.