Nigerian Media Personality Trashes Zimbabwean Twitter User Who Berated Nigerian Artistes

Frank Edoho

Popular Media personality Frank Edoho has come through with the correct clap back for a Zimbabwean Twitter user who tried making fun of Nigerian artists claiming they don’t even care about their music.

The tweep for some reason tried making fun of Nigerian artists claiming in Zimbabwe they literally don’t care about Nigerian music because they also have the best artists bigger than their favorite by making a list of their artists.

Frank Edoho replying to that gave it hot to him by telling the tweep that in Nigeria the only thing they literally care about from Zimbabwe is memes of Robert Mugabe.

When it comes to Nigerian music, we all know a lot of their artists putting them on the globe but just as Frank Edoho said when it comes to Zimbabwe the only thing most of us care about are Rober Mugabe memes and nothing else

Just as Moet Abebe said, a clap back from Frank Edoho will actually make you cry and we bet this guy won’t make the mistake by dragging things with him.

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