Liquid telecom helps Zimbabwean govt launch emergency response to Covid 19 pandemic

Pan African telco, Liquid Telecom, has announced a partnership with the government of Zimbabwe, which will help the Southern African nation provide a dedicated national toll-free ‘2023’ helpline and call centre to support citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The helpline will provide information and consultative services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while safeguarding citizens against a backdrop of escalating fake news and misinformation in the region.

“Liquid Telecom has quickly and effectively responded to the ‘COVID-19 Zimbabwe National Preparedness and Response Plan’ (NPRP) announced by H.E President Mnangagwa on the 19th March calling on companies to contribute to the national cause. Maintaining connectivity is an essential requirement in responding to a crisis that has disrupted our routines and daily lives inconceivably. Reliable, up-to-date information, provided by qualified experts at the end of the national toll-free ‘2023’ helpline is vital as the Government continues to provide support, especially to the most vulnerable in light of the pandemic.” Said Wellington Makamure, CEO, Liquid Telecom Southern Africa.

Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe established the national toll-free ‘2023’ helpline and call centre in partnership with Innscor Africa and Kamba Technologies. Liquid Telecom’s direct contribution includes set-up costs of the telecom infrastructure, which includes the provision of phone lines, call centre equipment and bandwidth via a 50Mbps dedicated link.

“Although times are difficult, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our brothers and sisters good health and happiness as we mark 40 years of independence. The more we support one another during this crisis, the better,” added Makamure.

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