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Kwesé Launches Innovative Online Store

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Kwesé has developed and is launching an online sales and distribution channel branded the Kwesé eStore, which will give customers massive convenience.

This comes as Econet founder Strive Masiyiwa announced on his Facebook page that Kwesé would offer five free channels to customers. In the eStore, customers are able to select the package and pay using EcoCash or any bank card that can transact online. One can buy for self or others from the eStore. To pay for subscriptions the process is exactly the same, except that the customer will have to choose the “pay subscription” option.

Prior to introducing it in Zimbabwe the eStore platform was launched in other markets which include Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana and Zambia. In a recent press statement, Kwese TV said: “As Kwese TV, we have seen that most of our customers are using digital platforms and are very busy most of the time, hence we now offer non-conventional services to ensure that they can do their transactions wherever they are without coming to our service centres.

“We have a good customer value proposition, which is very convenient to them and avoid costs associated with time, travel, parking and congestion. We therefore urge people to register for Kwesé service and buy the decoder and or dish in the comfort of your home, office and also be able to pay for your monthly subscriptions on the e-Store from wherever you are. The same goes for someone in the diaspora (sponsor) can even buy and pay for subscriptions for someone in Zimbabwe (beneficiary).”

Kwese believes that the launch of Kwesé eStore in Zimbabwe will likely get a lot of people in the diaspora signing up and paying for Kwesé TV services for their friends and relatives back home. Kwese is currently offering two options for buying Kwese installation gadgets for the first time: $49 cash and $105 through a Steward Bank loan.