How to exit your WhatsApp family group chat without the drama

London, UK - July 31, 2018: The buttons of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other apps on the screen of an iPhone.

There’s nothing quite like waking up to 43 new WhatsApp notifications… until you realise that every single one of them is from the family group chat.

Copied and pasted chain messages, fake news alerts, traffic updates and, of course, the ever so popular “Good morning” picture messages featuring someone’s baby laughing in a field of flowers (or something equally as cringey).

As much as these group chats help keep us connected, they also demolish our data, can be a major distraction from work and school and, let’s be honest, they’re a little annoying too.

However, the drama that would ensue after you opt to tap the “exit group” button would simply not be worth the time you’d be saving on not having to delete dozens of picture texts from your gallery every day. So, do you just stay put? Or, is there a kinder way to drop the bomb.

If you’re looking to leave your family group chat without causing too much of a stir, you have to do so with the right etiquette or prepare to face the wrath of the entire group chat.

5 excuses you can use to leave the family group chat:

Tell the truth (kind of)

If there really is a genuine reason for wanting to leave the group chat, like it being a distraction from your job or studies, let your family know. Before leaving the group send a courtesy goodbye message explaining this. Hopefully they’ll be understanding. However, if your reason for leaving is that you find the group annoying, rather keep this information to yourself and opt for a little white lie.

Say that you need to save on data

The majority of work and school took place at home via video calls this year. With the holidays starting and people staying at home due to the second wave, it seems that most of our entertainment will be taking place at home too. From Netflix to YouTube and streaming music, now is a great time to have a little hiatus from the group chat to save on data. This is a valid excuse everyone will be able to relate to.

Tell them you’re going on a social media vacation

Social media vacations are becoming increasingly popular. If the group chat you’re looking to leave has been keeping you glued to your phone, this may be the perfect excuse to leave. Politely let your family know that you’re looking for ways to reduce your time spent

Ask to be removed by the group admin

Suddenly exiting a group chat without explanation creates drama. Privately message the group’s admin and let them know that you’d like to be removed from the group for whatever reason. If it would make you feel more comfortable, say that your absence will be temporary and you’d like to be re-added when you’re ready – when exams are over or after your social media detox.

Say that you’ve run out of storage

Group chats are notorious for taking up space on your phone. From the hundreds of pictures to gifs and videos, it can get a little tiresome having to continuously go through your phone and delete those pictures. There are ways of preventing your WhatsApp media from saving to your gallery, but hopefully they don’t know that.

Mute and move on

You don’t have to leave a group, even if you don’t particularly like being on it. Use the “mute” feature to stop receiving notifications from the chat when you aren’t online. It’s easy, effective and doesn’t offend anyone.

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