George Charamba blocks abusive Twitter followers

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba says he is blocking some followers on Twitter whom he accuses of using social media not to engage in fruitful debate but to purvey obscenities.

Charamba runs the twitter handle @Jamwanda2 which he has used to give updates on government business and also to defend Zanu-PF while attacking the opposition, a stance that has resulted in clashes with some of his followers.

On Monday morning, Charamba said he was after good communication that creates value.

“Today I go beyond pruning out pseudo-interlocutors who use the social media to purvey obscenities and gross intrusions, to cover a few more whose engagement with me shows no growth or forward movement by way of ideas, debate or perspective,” said Charamba.

“These serve no real purpose beyond degrading engagement, reducing it to cheap expletives and innuendos. I get no value from both. My goal is to keep trimming my followers until I build a group of people of real thought for mutual nourishment and growth.

“A few of you might have to fall off as part of this search for quality debate on national issues. In carrying out that exercise.”

Charamba however, said he will not target those that differ with him in opinion or politics.

“Quite the contrary, those I will especially cultivate, for as long as disputation is thoughtful and progressively enriching. The exercise should help those with ideas who, oftentimes, find a decent debate derailed by sheer bigotry and paucity of real ideas. Zimbabwe needs deep debate,” he said.

Source – Byo24

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