Colcom Disowns Twitter After Parody Account Infuriates Customers

Colcom Zimbabwe has disowned all Twitter accounts saying that it is only active on Facebook and Instagram. This comes after a parody account (@Colcom3) infuriated customers.

The parody account claimed that the company was worried about the health of its customers justifying why Colcom were putting very little meat in it’s pork pies. Customers have voiced their disgruntlement for the past few years with the size of the meat portion in Colcom’s pies. In a statement, the company said,

We’re concerned about the recent upsurge in parody accounts peddling false information and purporting to be Colcom active on social platforms. Our thriving online community exists only on the following channels:

Facebook: or search @ColcomFoods

Instagram: colcom.foods

We do not have an active Twitter page. Any accounts besides the above do not represent Colcom in any way, neither are they managed by Colcom staff or affiliates.

We continuously strive to provide high quality, great tasting products manufactured to a high standard. We have been collating feedback and investigating ways to provide the best value to our customers, who have shown great support to us. We in no way take your purchases and subsequent feedback for granted. To that end, Colcom would like to assure customers that all concerns regarding our products are being logged and addressed.

Source: Pindula

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