Charamba opens up on Mthuli Ncube’s space satellite

Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba says the government of Zimbabwe has partnered with some Japanese University in launching the space satellite.

Charamba said the project is a priority for Zimbabwe.

I notice there has been lots of excitement about Zimbabwe and her satellite/spacecraft ambitions. I hope there isn’t a mistaken belief Zimbabwe is about to invent its own spacecraft. That’s not it. It is about to collaborate with some Japanese University to launch a craft for communication and investigative requirements.

This is happening everyday, with smaller economies cutting costs and speeding own subsoil resource quantification using space technology. While it might sound outlandish to many, it has become very basic and inevitable nowadays.

This is proper and thoughtful prioritization. In fact, we have taken too long to do this. Are you aware that for us Zimbabweans, much of our territory is terra incognito from the point of view of its subsoil endowments; that our Met Department is dependent on feed?

The project has generated widespread condemnation from the generality of Zimbabweans.

Source – Byo24