Pokello ‘gets’ latest Range Rover?

SOCIALITE and former Big Brother Africa housemate, Pokello Nare (pictured) has once again hogged the limelight, amid speculation that she received a gift of the latest edition of the 2020 Range Rover car from her alleged boyfriend. NewsDay could not independently verify if the reports that Pokello had received the latest wheels from a “blesser” were true.


But in a 45-second video that has since gone viral on different social media platforms such as Facebook, an excited Pokello is seen in the company of her friends Jackie Ngarande and socialite businessman Genius Kadungure beaming and showcasing the vehicle and checking the interior before embracing.

The car was parked outside a building inscribed with Pokelo’s name amid speculation that the building is her new store in South Africa.

Reached for a comment, the socialite-cum-businesswoman vehemently denied owning the car.

“Makandiona muvideo macho ndichipihwa Range yacho? (Did you see me in the video being given the Range Rover?)You are speculating over a Facebook post and if you had evidence you should have written the story using your own evidence you are a journalist,” she fumed.

“Was I given the Range Rover? Wakutonditaurira Ka? You are now speaking on my behalf? You don’t call me telling me rubbish.”

Efforts to get a comment from Pokello’s alleged boyfriend were fruitless as his mobile was not accessible. Kadungure was also not available for a comment.

Pokello hogged the limelight in December 2011, when her sex tape with singer Desmond “Stunner” Chideme was leaked to the public. The two-minute clip showed Pokello having unprotected sexual intercourse with Stunner. – News Day

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