And Nicki Minaj is certainly serving us a sexy solution: the super, duper long weave. The No Frauds singer has been rocking the lengthy style for a few months now – in blonde, dark brunette and sometimes even sporting a pink-braided weave.

And then there was of course that video, which kick-started the viral #NickiMinajChallenge.

In the video, Nicki is fully-clad in a pink ensemble and a knee-length black weave.

“Attention. This is how bad b*****s leave London and go to Prague,” she tells the camera. “You b*****s can’t even spell Prague.”

With tons of sass like only Nicki can deliver, she turns around, flips her long locks and struts away.

The video, posted in June, started the Nicki Minaj Challenge, which saw celebs like Zoe Kravtiz and even Kylie Jenner having a go.

The hype around the challenge might have died down but our obsession with her hair certainly hasn’t.