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Harare’s bad fashion week

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Research and getting sound information before planning an event is the key ingredient to success. This is what should have been done by the organisers of the disastrous and disorganised Harare Fashion Week fashion designer showcase, which took place at News Café in Borrowdale on Friday 15 December.

Themed ‘Alive’ the whole show did not match such an exquisite title and lacked all life. Perhaps they should save it for next time when they choose a suitable venue and day which is not a Friday especially in a drinking hole such as News Cafe.

Billed to start at 6pm sharp, the audience had to wait patiently for a good 2 hours for the opening entertainment by a dance troupe with the first designer bringing in the models thirty minutes later. That let the patrons livid. And understandably so. Upon investigating on what was going on behind the scenes, shock awaited one when one went to the supposed ‘backstage’ or changing area.


The models were afforded a store room with little space to change into outfits,running into each other before passing through the kitchen where they avoided collision with the waitron who were rushing orders into the restaurant.

It was dangerous and calamitous. They risked tripping into slippery liquid soap droppings on the floor in their high heels and all the possible hazards of a kitchen at a busy time. But thank heavens though the kitchen was clearly clean all the time.

On the runway the brave models did their catwalk on the sitting area passing through the main entrance. It being a Friday, the party lovers who walked in unaware of the arrangement, also risked colliding with the models.

The MCs collected music from the designers only when they were about to showcase some of which would not play on the poor sound system instead of having done a run through before the event. Sadly too, all evening they tried announcing the designs in vain because of the bad sound no one could hear them.


As the clock drew closer to midnight the revellers became even more drunk and impatient as they wanted to party. Some of them where catcalling the girls who wore designs which could be described as erotic soft pornography that openly showed their privates and nethers while the male models who showed off their bare chests were not spared by the ladies in the house.

With lessons at the International Fashion Week worldwide on our television, this one was close to a circus charade making Priscilla Chigariro’s Zimbabwe Fashion Week a stellar show to look forward to.

“Some of the designers displayed what looked like hand me downs by Lady Gaga or Halloween party season costumes,” remarked one of the revellers who attended.

But there were stars in the midst of the darkness. It was not all doom and gloom. Tapfumanei Coco Munengi’s red and black couture collection was a marvel fit for the red carpet or dinner events, also the improved collection by Ishmael of Zarguezar’s green peaches themed ladies and men’s collection was a show-stopping beauty of design art without doubt.

Outclassing all was the recently birthed MTM designer wear inspired by JahPrayzah designed by award winning Thembani Mubochwa who closed the show with stunning ladies wear which can be comfortably won any time.


The plus size models led by the goddess herself Rutendo Denise followed by the Military Touch ladies Stimela and Excavator who took their chance in modelling strutted the runway in fine casual and ethnic apparel alongside the seasoned skinny ramp girls and it all made perfect sense.

They received a standing ovation from the room of what was left of the audience who had come specifically for the event, which was a pity because the frustrated fashion lovers who had already left halfway the event missed the best part which was saved for last.