Chiyangwa launches clothing label

THE flamboyant businessman and ZIFA president is at it again, this time launching a t-shirt label with a rather interesting name, the “Apa Hauna Cash” brand.

Phillip Chiyangwa never shies away from the spotlight it would seem, or is it the spotlight never shies away from him!?
The COSAFA and ZIFA president has recently ventured into a new line of business it would seem by launching the “Apa Hauna Cash” t-shirt label.

The Shona brand name simply translates to “you don’t have money” which is a bit of a strange name considering that the self-proclaimed captain fiasco is well known for his more lavish lifestyle.

However, the brand does live up to its name in terms of affordability, with the round neck t-shirts ranging from $5-$8 and the golf t-shirts available for between $8,50 and $9,50.


The t-shirts, which have the ZIFA president’s signature are also available in assorted colours such as blue, white, red and orange.


It remains to be seen how successful the brand will be as the property mogul takes a brave leap into the world of fashion and who knows, he may very well be Zimbabwe’s next Calvin Klein. – FinGaz