Sunderland signs Zimbabwean ex-Burnley striker Tinashe Chakwana

Tinashe Chakwana

Sunderland have reportedly signed recently released 20-year-old Burnley striker Tinashe Chakwana.

According to The Herald of Zimbabwe and Facebook page ‘Zimbabwe Foreign Legion Official’ both claim that the young striker has signed for Sunderland – likely for the club’s under-23 development squad.

The Wigan-born Zimbabwean forward has been compared to Jermain Defoe by his former Burnley academy coach Jon Pepper:

He’s got a lot to offer. When he’s on his game, playing up there and down the middle, he really closes problems. He plays off the shoulder, comes short, gets it in to his feet, a little bit like Jermain Defoe. He can be a good finisher when he’s on it.

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