Sports minister hails govt for releasing funds for the development of stadiums

Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Minister Kirsty Coventry

Minister of Sports, Arts and Recreation, Kersty Coventry has hailed government for releasing funds towards the development of stadiums in the country.

This was after the stadiums were Condemned as not fit to be used for the CAF games recently.

“When I was notified that CAF has sent ZIFA the preliminary report on the status about stadia which was on the 27th of February, we decided to put together a Committee which met on the 27th of February to figure out a way forward and develop a plan of action which is urgently needed to carry out renovations, to be upgraded towards the CAF specifications.  This was to be done on National Sports Stadium, Barbourfields and Sakubva,” she said.

“We undertook the inspection for the major stadia with particular emphasis on the three stadia There was engagement with local Government, the Minister of Local Government and Public Works, his team of experts and the different councils.  Council owned stadia are Barbourfeilds and Sakubva.  We then engaged the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services to obtain different specifications for the Doping Control Office and the different media facilities that CAF require from stadia.”

She said on progress made so far,  they want to thank Government for it has availed $23 million towards the National Sports Stadium, $13 million towards Barbour-fields and on Sakubva.

“We are waiting; it is around $3 to 5 million for what is needed to be done for that stadium. Bulawayo City Council commenced work on upgrades of Barbour-fields on the 2nd March, 2020 and should be completed by the 16th and the work started at the National Sports Stadium on the 3rd March, 2020 and should also be completed by the 16th,” she said.

“However, there are two requirements that CAF needs, which are bucket seats and electronic ticketing.  This takes a longer time for procurement and also a longer time to build the back of the house for the electronic ticketing.  It is being worked on.  Those two items have been spoken and explained to CAF on the need for longer terms and they since said that we can start working on everything else while we bring on those two final prospects.”

Source – Byo24

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