How on earth did retired Sergio Aguero get himself a World Cup winners’ medal?

Argentina's Sergio Aguero celebrates with teammates on a bus after winning the World Cup. Photo: Thaier Al-Sudani/Reuters

Cape Town — We were all not shocked when we saw Sergio Aguero celebrating with the Argentina team after they beat France in Sunday’s World Cup final.

The former Atletico Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona striker — who was forced to retire at the beginning of last season due to a heart condition — was still close to his international teammates, so it would have been natural for him to be invited to join in the celebrations.

Aguero celebrating with his old teammates, wearing a full match kit, reminded many of John Terry, who did the same after missing Chelsea’s 2012 Champions League final win over Bayern Munich.

What was crazy, though, was that Aguero managed to land himself a medal, leading many to wonder if anyone had decided to gift the former striker their medal.

As it turns out, Aguero’s medal was legit. And, Argentina found a loophole in order for him to get it.


As it turned out, Argentina quietly registered Aguero as an assistant coach for the tournament. And, as such, every member of the team is entitled to get a winner’s medal at the end of a victorious tournament.

Aguero is close to captain Lionel Messi and was a popular member of the team, so according to reports, the team welcomed the decision to have him tag along to the World Cup in Qatar.

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