Chiyangwa fingered in Kamambo trial

Phillip Chiyangwa

The second witness in the trial of ZIFA president, Felton Kamambo, who stands accused of bribing councilors to enable his ascension to the top post, has backtracked on the two statements that he wrote saying one of them was authored by Cosafa boss Phillip Chiyangwa at his offices.

Robert Matoka, who was Kamambo’s campaign manager during the Zifa presidential elections said the second statement was prepared at the police station before his arrival and was only forced to sign under threats that he would also get arrested if he refused to do so.

Matoka further stated that he did not freely give the second statement as it was prepared by the police before his arrival and was only coerced to sign.

“Chiyangwa took advantage of the rift that was between me and Kamambo at that time and he made my first statement to be recorded in his office,” he said.

This led prosecutor Mr. Micheal Reza to make an application for Matoka to be declared a hostile witness saying he had departed materially from his two statements.

“The witness has departed materially from his statements and is now determined to destroy my case,” he said.

Kamambo’s lawyer Advocate Tawanda Zhuwarara said an accomplice witness cannot be declared hostile according to the law but that he was technically a hostile witness from the beginning.

Advocate Zhuwarara said it is only an ordinary witness that can be declared hostile.

Harare regional magistrate Mrs. Bianca Makwande deferred the matter to tomorrow for ruling in the State’s application to cross-examine the witness.

Source – Zimpapers

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