Thunderstorms expected in parts of Zimbabwe today

HARARE – Isolated thunderstorms are today expected across southern and western Zimbabwe, but rainfall is unlikely in the northern and eastern areas.

Even in Masvingo, parts of Midlands, Bulawayo and Matabeleland provinces the forecast is brief cloudy periods and warm to hot daytime conditions and there is not much difference for the rest of Midlands, Manicaland, Harare and Mashonaland provinces with their scattered clouds with warm to hot day time conditions.

It should be mild in the morning and evening with a predominantly north-easterly airflow.

There was rain over the weekend, with cloudy and humid conditions over the country resulted in scattered thunderstorms and rain yesterday.

Yesterday, Chimanimani (Bumba) received 92mm, Gwanda 33mm, Buhera 19mm, Buffalo Range 17mm, Masvingo 15mm and Mukandi 12mm with all the other falls recorded less than 10mm.

Today lightning and hailstorms are a major risk, with localised heavy downpours remain probable.

Strong winds may blow-off roofs and damage property and when thunder roars, experts stress that indoors or in a vehicle are the two safest places. 

People should stay indoors for at least 30 minutes after the thunderstorms have ended as these precautionary measures reduce chances of being struck by lightning.

Tourist areas seem to be going to get good weather for visitors today, Victoria Falls is today expected to be cloudy with thunderstorms and minimum temperatures of 20oC and a maximum of 33o C.

Kariba will be mostly sunny and hot with a minimum of 21o C and maximum of 34o C while Great Zimbabwe will be cloudy with thunderstorms and minimum of 20oC and 33C.

Nyanga will be partly cloudy and warm with a minimum of 16oC and maximum of 28oC, Vumba will be partly cloudy and warm with a minimum of 17C and maximum of 28oC.

Matopos will be cloudy and with thunderstorms and temperatures will be 16oC and maximum of 31oC

Chimanimani is expected to be partly cloudy and warm with temperatures of 18oC and maximum of 26oC.

Tomorrow’s outlook temperatures will be mostly cloudy and warm during daytime with scattered afternoon thunderstorms expected across the country.

It will be mild in the morning and evening.

Source: Herald

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