WATCH: Robert Mugabe to die on Tuesday – Prophecy

Grace is one of the frontrunners to replace her 93-year-old husband (pictured), although a string of recent gaffes have hurt her credibility at home and abroad

It is exactly two days before a controversial prophet’s predicted President Robert Mugabe’s date of death.

Cleric Phillip Mugadza has a matter pending at the Constitutional Court after he was charged for undermining the authority of the president when he released the prophecy in December last year.

A month from now, the prophecy would be tested.

The Daily News caught up with him only to find that Mugadza is busy rallying Zimbabweans to pray for the prophecy to come to pass.

“I am very much expectant of his excellency’s death. It is going to be a bit surprising because when I first said this my tone was a bit different,” he said, oblivious of the fact that this is the same issue that took him behind bars for almost six weeks without being released on bail.

“What I was saying then was I don’t wish that he dies that is why when I was asked what the president could do I just said he had to pray to God to change His mind. I have prayed about it and sent a video asking people to pray from August 22 to 24 that he dies.”

Mugadza said Mugabe’s subsequent death would relieve Zimbabweans of their suffering and said the ballot would not remove the 93-year-old leader from power.

“The only thing left for us is to pray that God takes him. I know a lot of people who wish him dead who have been calling me saying ‘pastor we are counting down’.

“The so-called constitutional means of going through the electoral process has continuously given us the same results and suffering especially when we talk of 2008. From the way I see things, he is not ready to go.”

Quizzed if praying for someone else’s death did not compromise his Christian beliefs, Mugadza responded that there was nothing unusual about his conduct saying other great men of the Bible had done so before.

“If you read the book of Acts chapter five, it talks about the death of Ananias and Saphirra where Peter actually proclaimed that they would die because they had lied and it came to pass. A man had to be used to proclaim God’s judgment,” he said.

“…if people died because of telling lies what more can be said of a man who has caused so much suffering on the people of Zimbabwe? If we look at 2008 a lot of people died just for one to be in power and we cannot allow a repeat of that.”

Mugadza said he is going to be waiting patiently on the day and will not go in hiding, whatever the outcome.

“I am going to be around and if he doesn’t die and people may start saying that I lied all I can say is I will ask them for forgiveness because I understand that not many people appreciate how prophecy works.

“…I will continue praying, the nation of Zimbabwe should do the same.”

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