WATCH: God appears live at Prophet Blessing Chiza’s service

Prophet Blessing Chiza

There was a shocking frenzy that gripped a certain section of Christians in Bulawayo after God  appeared  live during an anti-tribalism procession that was held by Bulawayo’s prominent Prophet Blessing Samuel Chiza.

In a message posted on facebook Chiza said:

Zimbabweans!! Zimbabweans!! Please Watch Thousands of Ndebeles  and Shonas March in Bulawayo City together against Tribalism, in united prayer with Dr Prophet B.S Chiza & God immediately shows up with thick, heavy, windy clouds in the sky and heavy rain.

In the past weeks there was controversy in South Africa when God appeared at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s church in the form of a strange whirlwind.

Watch the video below:

Source – Byo24