Thieves Rob Emmanuel Makandiwa Of Unfulfilled Prophesies, Church Footage

Emmanuel Makndiwa

UNITED Family International Church (UFIC) founder, Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Christ TV studios were recently broken into with thieves getting away with footage of prophecies which were yet to be fulfilled and confidential counselling sessions.

Christ TV studios, a free to air television channel of the UFIC is responsible for producing and airing Makandiwa’s church programmes.

About two years back, the same studio experienced an almost similar incident with the popular preacher later claiming founders of similar ministries were responsible.

In a communique to UFIC church members, church spokesperson, Prime Kufa said hundreds of hard drives with sermons and private counselling sessions recorded from 2013 up to date had been lost in the “devastating” robbery.

“There has been an unfortunate theft of church property at the Christ TV studios. If you remember the same thing happened over two years ago where founders of other ministries would connive with insiders to bring out footage of their interest and when this matter was addressed publicly, the concerned Christ TV staff chose not to return for work, we haven’t seen them since.

“This time the operation was carried out at a much greater and devastating, destructive scale. This ministry has seen more than half of its important and confidential assets being taken away.

“These assets include 571 hard drives with recordings stretching as far back as 2013, these hard drives have all prophecies by Emmanuel Makandiwa most of which are yet to be fulfilled.

“There are also healings there and of course teachings, videos of charity work, pastors and leaders seminars, building projects, counselling sessions which are confidential,” Kufa said.

Staff at the Christ TV studios have since been called in for questioning and police investigations are underway.

Makandiwa is yet to publicly comment on the matter. – Newzim

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