TB Joshua coronavirus prophecy under the spotlight

TB Joshua

Famed Nigerian preacher, TB Joshua’s credibility could be on the line, as he predicted that the novel coronavirus could be coming to an end on Saturday, yet no vaccine or cure is in sight.

TB Joshua, leader of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, told congregants on March 15 that the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, will go away by itself on March 27.

“I came out at the beginning of this year saying last year will end in March and the year will continue to be very fearful till this month [March].

“This month, 27th, it will be over. By the end of this month, whether we like it or not – no matter the medicine they might have produced to cure whatever, it will go the way it came.

“If it is not a medicine that brought this to the world, medicine cannot take it out. It will go the way it came,” he was quoted as having said.

TB Joshua also said it would rain in China and that would wipe away the virus.

“Since yesterday, when the Lord brought the revelation about the rain and that this rain would wipe away the epidemic coronavirus, I asked the Lord to make this happen in the place where the coronavirus started which is Wuhan, China.

“Right now, it is raining in Wuhan, China. The purpose of this rain is to wipe out this epidemic called coronavirus and it will continue till the end of this week.

“Whether you come in contact with the rain or not, it does not matter. The Lord said to me that it will rain and it is raining. Glory be to God,” he preached.

China has had success with curbing the spread of the virus, although there are reports of five new infections.

Ironically, TB Joshua has cancelled Sunday service at his church thanks to the coronavirus.

TB Joshua is famed for making predictions about world events, although sceptics point out that he is often wrong.

He has a massive following in Zimbabwe, where politicians usually make the beeline to Nigeria to attend his gatherings.

Source – newsday

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