Shock as rogue Pastor Bushiri ask loyalists for money during lockdown

Malawian false Prophet Shepered Bushiri

Banking details of the church are seen appearing on the video, as Bushiri implores his followers to give their offerings.
“I want you to put your offering in the church account. Put your seed, put your tithe, don’t hesitate. Don’t listen to the devil. Don’t listen to what people say. Don’t listen to what your mind says. Listen to what God says…”

His Excellency. President Kamogelo@nesbert_kamo

The most selfish and cruel thing that one can do is to take someone’s hard earned money that they sent you as a kind and loving gesture and you take it and give it to

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Twitter users were shocked when they believed he said, “Don’t listen to what your men say”.

“Did he say don’t listen to what your man is saying?,” asked @Queen_Pardo.

@vittomohlanka tweeted, “”A whole prophet says you shouldn’t listen to your husband, yet the husband is the head of the house according to the Bible… this one doesn’t have compassion. We’re in a middle of a crisis, economy-wise but he’s still milking people.”

@Madumetja_SoLo said, “Bushiri is playing a dangerous game with people’s wives now.”

@Lostris_KT.JNR_3000 said: ” It would’ve have been nice if he donated money not this thing of sucking people’s lives who are about to lose their jobs in a few weeks”.

Source – timeslive