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Prophet trapped at city lodge

Madzibaba Mascow Gumbira
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A SELF-PROCLAIMED prophet was last Saturday caught red-handed, stark naked while attempting to quench his sexual appetite on a married woman at a local lodge.

The couple had earlier on sought spiritual assistance from the prophet, Madzibaba Mascow Gumbira who conducts his “healing” sessions near Dangamvura Link Road, before the prophet made sexual advances at the woman.

The couple trapped Madzibaba Gumbira after the wife, Lydia Makandipeyi, purportedly agreed to the former’s advances and proceeded to a lodge (name withheld) in Yeovil medium-density suburb.

The Weekender learnt that all hell broke loose after Lydia quickly alerted Chirenje just when the prophet was warming up for a sex session. Chirenje budged into the lodge and allegedly caught the prophet with a boxer short, while his wife was fully dressed.

The incident which brought business in Mutare’s Central Business District to a halt happened last Saturday afternoon. Gumbira was in police custody when The Weekender arrived at Mutare Central Police Station late Saturday afternoon and could not be reached for a comment. When contacted for comment on Monday on his Econet line, he promised to give his own side of the story.

“I am driving to Harare. I will give you my side of the story when I settle. Is your number on WhatsApp, if so, I will keep in touch,” he said before his phone went unanswered on Tuesday.

The couple told The Weekender that their main intention was to expose Gumbira and his wayward shenanigans. “We want the world to know that fake prophets exist. Most women are falling prey to these bogus prophets. My wife told me about Gumbira’s sexual advances before we came up with the plan to trap him,” said Chirenje.

He added: “We sought assistance from Gumbira last week after my father had suffered a stroke and was having mental problems. He promised to help us before he started asking for some money to help us. We later doubted his powers before he invited my wife alone to assist her. He later told my wife that I was promiscuous and we had no bright future together.

“He proposed love to my wife. She could, however, update me on his advances before he invited her for a sex session at a lodge. My wife and I went to the lodge and made a booking. He later called her and they met in town before they proceeded to the lodge. We communicated through text messages before my wife texted me that he was naked.

“I drove to the lodge, knocked the door and my wife opened it. He did not know it was a trap. He followed while he was naked. Although I was emotionally charged, I took pictures. He wrestled me and managed to grab the phone and deleted the pictures.  We called police and they came.”

Chirenje said he was contemplating making it a civil matter.

Lydia chipped in: “He was really serious. He was convinced that I was serious too before he met my husband at the door. He started making advances at me after he tried to brainwash me that my husband was sleeping around and that we had no future together.”