Prophet exposes cheating woman

IN one of the most shocking revelations, a married woman who conceived a child with her lover and deceived her husband to raise it as his own had her clandestine deed exposed by a prophet she had consulted after the child had fallen sick.

Nothabo Moyo from Kingsdale suburb in Bulawayo had gone to the prophet with her mother-in-law.

It proved to be an unwise decision as the prophet ordered Moyo to tell her mother-in-law the truth about the biological father of her ailing child.

Scared that the child was going to die, Moyo reportedly confessed that the child was not that of her husband Gracious Maphosa, but of her unidentified boyfriend.

Details of the shocking confession are contained in Maphosa’s court papers in which he is applying for a downward variation of maintenance.

Maphosa, who is also now doubting paternity of the first child, is seeking variation from $3 000 to $1 500 per month towards his second child with Moyo while awaiting to do paternity tests.

The two separated in August last year after Moyo confessed that Maphosa was not the father of her second child.
In his application which is yet to be heard at the Bulawayo Maintenance Court, Maphosa said his main reason for downward variation was reduced working hours at his workplace due to Covid-19 lockdown which resulted in his salary being slashed.

“I am applying for downward variation in maintenance. I am no longer fully employed and my monthly income was affected after my working hours were reduced as a result of the Covid-19 national lockdown. I separated with Nothabo Moyo in August last year after she cheated on me and later confessed that I was not the biological father of her second child.

“She confessed after the child had fallen ill before a prophet she and my mother had consulted for help. After that confession, I’m also no longer sure if I’m the biological father of the first child and wanted the court to grant an order compelling me to pay $1 500 per month while waiting to go for paternity tests,” Maphosa’s affidavit reads in part.

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