‘Prophet’ arrested after ‘failing to bring a dead man back to life’

ADDIS ABABA. – An Ethiopian man claiming to be a prophet capable of resurrecting the dead, has reportedly been arrested after he failed to “bring back a dead man back to life”.

According to BBC, health worker and self-proclaimed prophet, Getayawkal Ayele approached the grieving family of the deceased Belay Biftu, in the small western town of Galilee, in the Oromia region.

Ayele allegedly told the family that he could raise Biftu – who had already been buried – from the dead, just like the biblical resurrection story of Lazarus who was brought back from the dead by Jesus.

The family agreed to dig up the body of Biftu.

The filmed incident showed Ayele lying on top of Biftu’s body inside the grave and yelling “Belay, wake up”.

Police had to intervene when the observing family members started attacking Ayele after he failed to revive him.

Ayele was reportedly arrested.

Abusing dead bodies is a crime under Ethiopian law, the report said. – News agencies

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