Prominent church leader Makomichi forced to return money after false prophecy

Prophet Isaac Makomichi

MASVINGO- A prominent businessman in Masvingo recently forced self-styled Prophet Isaac Makomichi (21) to return money he had paid for a service after the church leader gave a false prophecy.

Makomichi who is the founder and leader of Miracle Healing Deliverance (MHD) had to return via Ecocash the $20 for consultation fee he had also received through Ecocash.

The altercation came after businessman Perera Magarita approached Makomichi over five head of cattle that he lost. He wanted Makomichi to help him trace the stolen beast but Makomichi started prophesying the moment the businessman sat down and told him instead that he wanted to acquire a driver’s license.

Magarita lost five beasts at his rural home in Runyare Village under Chief Marozva in Bikita.

Makomichi denied prophesying on the businessman, but confirmed that he returned the consultation fee after the man threatened violence.

“I never prophesied him on anything, when he came to my church on that day he paid the consultation to know the whereabouts of his cattle and the following day he came and wanted to cause violence saying I was a false prophet and one of the man I assisted to get a job gave him back his money since I was not at the church. I think he had been sent by some jealousy people to destroy me because he found his cattle after that,” said Makomichi.

“I sat down in his office while he sat behind a desk with a laptop. I paid $20 consultation fee through Ecocash and he started telling me that I will now be able to acquire a class 2 driver’s licence which I have spent years trying to get.
“I nodded and said I receive papa, he said after two weeks I will get a job in South Africa as a driver at ZimBulk trucks which ply the DRC, South Africa route and added that after a month I will buy a car and after two months they will be two.

“I could not take it anymore, so I stood up, pat his shoulders and demanded my money back. I told him to send it back through Ecocash the same way I gave him.

“The following day I came back around lunch time and he instructed Tapiwa Tongodzai to wire back my $20. I then told Makomichi that his whole prophecy was a shot in the dark because I am a businessman who owns more than 40 cars and I have been driving for 18 years. I also told him that all I wanted was for him to prophesy about my lost beasts and not about employment as a driver,” said an irate Magarita in an interview with The Mirror.

The Mirror was shown approval code (A00680) of the ecocash payment made to Makomichi.

Magarita also says that he received a call from Makomichi telling him that his efforts to destroy his church will not succeed as he was well connected in Masvingo.

This is not the first time that fast growing Prophet Makomichi had landed into trouble with clients who demand back their money. – Masvingo Mirror