Pastor Passion displays tatoos, and arsenal of guns

FLAMBOYANT church leader and socialite, Prophet Passion Java torched a storm on social media when he showed o tattoos engraved on his chest.

The tattoos are of an angel and Arabic writings on his two arms in a video in which he also parades an “armoury”.

Passion, who is not new to controversy, claimed the riffles were worth US$150 000.

The video attracted mixed feelings, with some accusing Passion of crossing the line while others justified his actions.

Zimbabwean lawyer Jairos Katsande said it was high time people should take action against Passion.

“I have oftentimes said Passion should just stick to promoting music and comedy and not give himself the title of being a prophet.

“The bible is clear in the book of Leviticus that engraving the body with tattoos is unGodly, but to my surprise, a preacher of the gospel with hundreds of thousands of followers brags on social media about having tattoos.

“By showing o guns what is he trying to teach? What does he do that needs him to have
so many guns?

“Even in America where he stays, one cannot possess such powerful riffles in a house basement.

“I think this issue should be handled with the seriousness it deserves. He has to produce if he has all the relevant documents for those guns.

“It’s high time now as a nation we stand and stop this young man from promoting this kind of culture.

“We can’t deny that he is one of the most influential young men in our country and we have kids who see him as a role model so he now needs to be stopped,” he said.

Prophet Passion’s personal assistant, popularly known as Boss Lashan, said he was surprised by the negativity that the video has met.

“I think our nation needs healing. there is so much hate and unnecessary criticism amongst ourselves.

“People should understand that Prophet Passion is not just a preacher of the gospel, he is multi-talented and one of his talents is making skits for social media.

“This is not the first video where he came out with guns, but for some reason people chose to attack him on this one.

“This pull-him-down syndrome has to stop and for your own information, Prophet Passion is not going to stop making skits on social media,” he said.


Leviticus 19:28 — Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.

Deuteronomy 14:1,2 —You are the children of the Lord your God. Do not cut yourselves or shave the front of your heads for the dead, 2 for you are a   people holy to the Lord your God.

Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the Lord has chosen you to be his treasured possession.

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