One Million March Was Beginning Of Mugabe’s Downfall: Makandiwa Prophecy

Emmanuel Makandiwa

THE one million-man march organised by Zanu PF youths on May 25, 2016, was a precursor of former President Robert Mugabe’s downfall, United Family International Church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa allegedly foretold.


In a video reportedly recorded in May 2016, three days before the then Kudzi Chipanga-led Zanu PF youth league million man march, Makandiwa reportedly told his congregants at Life Haven Church that the march by the youths was a precursor to a larger gathering whose results, however, would signal Mugabe’s demise.

The video has now gone viral seven months after Mugabe’s downfall in November through a military aided intervention.

“I am not going to say the forthcoming one-million man march is a prophesy because it’s already out there in the public. But what I can tell you, what you don’t understand is what is going to be triggered by the march. You cannot lie to me that you know because if you knew what will be triggered you would cancel it,” Makandiwa said in the video which was uploaded on YouTube.

“Yes, yes; if you look at how it is arranged and planned, it’s a very good move; they have good reasons for that, but you see, if you really want to proceed. I know people will talk, but I am saying you have to do your homework before the march.

“It will go as planned, but it will be an activity which has opened certain doors. You have made it possible in the minds of people that they can regroup and do something of a same nature in a different direction. They have seen that it’s possible. You are doing it in a good sense, but you have allowed children to test the honey and they will come for the same. It’s a test of the waters of what will come.”

The military launched Operation Restore Legacy which saw Mugabe placed under house arrest while thousands of Zimbabweans marched in cities demanding his ouster.

Makandiwa said Mugabe, who was in charge of the 2016 one-million march would not control the November 18, 2017 march which saw Zimbabweans from across the political divide rallying behind the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Operation Restore Legacy.

Mugabe resigned following pressure from within the party and the public, paving way for the new dispensation led by Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“It’s something that needs to be looked into. It will double that; what will follow will double that. The one which comes after the first march, are you in charge of it; are you in control, have you permitted it? No no no!
“If I were you I would look at it and rethink, whether the march should go ahead or not.” – News Day