Nyambiya rises from the dead: ‘My whole life flashed in front of my eyes and I saw the power of God’

FORMER Highlanders, Railstars and Shabanie Mine winger Collin Nyambiya “died” for about two-and-a-half hours following a horrific car accident along the Harare-Bulawayo highway last Thursday.

The former speedy winger was travelling from Kwekwe to Bulawayo after he had attended his grandfather’s burial.

He told B-Metro people at the accident scene concluded that he was dead when they failed to revive him or detect a pulse  his body for more than two hours.

Nyambiya (39) said the accident could be the best thing to ever happen to him because it helped him find God.

“My whole life flashed in front of my eyes and I saw the power of God. Glory to God. I must say I am lucky to be alive.

It was a head on collision that nearly claimed my life,” said Nyambiya who is the director of the Young Flying Stars Football Academy.

The car that Collen Nyambiya was in

The car that Collen Nyambiya was in

“It occurred about seven kilometres from Bulawayo along Harare road. After the accident I passed out for two-and -a-half-hours and I was told that people had concluded that I was dead. The accident occurred around 6.30 pm last Thursday and we managed to get medical assistance at around 10.30pm,”he added.

Walking with a pronounced limp, Nyambiya, who also had a playing stint in Albania, said he suffered a myriad of internal injuries and had an operation on the chest.

Nyambiya’s body is a mass of bruises.

“I was admitted at United Bulawayo Hospitals for six days after suffering internal injuries that led to a lot of bleeding. As a result, the doctors had to drain blood from my body for five consecutive days. I also went to theatre on the very same day when the accident occurred. However, I never sustained a fracture,” said the former footballer who has since been discharged. He says he has a mountain of medical bills to contend with.

On the fateful day, Nyambiya was compelled to rush to Bulawayo from Kwekwe as he was itching to see his academy’s Under-20 team that had an evening training session ahead of one their league games.

“I had left my family members in Kwekwe and I had to use private transport with the will of watching our academy’s Under-20 team evening workout. Unfortunately, the Madza Atenza that I was travelling in had a head on collision after our driver tried to overtake another vehicle at a curve,” said the usually jovial ex-Njanji speedy winger, in an uncharacteristically subdued voice. – B-Metro