Jilted cop ‘impounds’ ex-wife’s panties

Terence Chingora

MOREBLESSING Badze from Old Pumula suburb in Bulawayo is living in fear of being bewitched by her cop ex- husband Terence Chingora.

Badze (23) claimed that when she divorced Chingora (27) who is stationed at Luveve Police Station, he forcibly took her panties and bath towels and threatened to “fix” her.

She suspected that her ex-husband took her panties for black magic purposes and she wants them back before the latter decides to tamper with them.

The matter came to light last Friday when Badze made an application for a protection order against Chingora, whom she said was of a violent nature.

“Terence Chingora is my ex-husband and we have two children together. We got married in 2012 and separated last year. Despite the fact that we are no longer staying together he is in the habit of following me wherever I go while threatening me.

Moreblessing Badze

Moreblessing Badze

“He is also physically and verbally abusing me with vulgar language. The most painful thing is that he took away my panties and bath towels which he is refusing to return. I am now living in fear because he is always threatening me saying I will see what will happen to me since he is in possession of those panties,” complained Badze.

She went on to plead with the court to order her ex-husband to give her back her underwear so that the two could start living separate lives.

In response, Chingora who didn’t refute his ex-wife’s accusations, however, courted the anger of the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya when he requested for days in order to surrender his ex-wife’s panties.

“Why are you requesting for days to return those panties?  What exactly do you want to do with them? You should surrender them tomorrow (Saturday) at Pumula Police Station so that your ex-wife will come and pick them up.

Failure to do so you will be charged with contempt of court,” charged the magistrate.

In his ruling the magistrate also ordered Chingora not to physically, emotionally and verbally abuse Badze and not visit her place.

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