‘I don’t take orders from politicians’ – Makandiwa

Emmanual Makandiwa

Founder and leader of United Family International Church (UFIC) Emmanuel Makandiwa on Sunday warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa against deploying troops against civilians for the third time as that would invite foreign intervention.

Makandiwa said this while addressing thousands of his followers in Harare during a church service. He said:

If this happens for the third time, it will not be good. We don’t want anything that will provoke the bees (military) from outside. It won’t be our army against civilians.

This time they will get an equal opponent, and it is going to be an army against army. We don’t want that to happen because where we are now, there’s still a chance.

Makandiwa also spoke about his relationship with politicians. He revealed that politicians will not push him around or tell him what to do:

If you had a relationship with the current system, you would not come here and complain over issues. What makes the relationship absent is not that, neither they nor I do not want it, but it is because I don’t want to be told (around) what to do.

In the relationship, I should be the one telling you because you’re the one who cannot hear from God. I can spend 10 years with you and never tell you a word from God, as long as you like to talk.

On 1 August 2018, Mnangagwa deployed  a crack military unit in Harare’e CBD against unarmed civilians who were protesting against perceived rigging of the presidential election results by electoral authorities leading to the killing of at least 7 people.

In January 2019, soldiers were against deployed across Harare and Bulawayo and other cities to deal with prostes triggered by a sharp fuel price hike. 17 civilians were shot and killed, hundreds were seriously injured and more than 1 000 arrested