‘Go back to sender’ prophet baffles Mutare

PEOPLE in Mutare are desperately seeking spiritual deliverance as evidenced by the multitudes that thronged the Dangamvura Beithall grounds for a healing crusade this week by visiting Harare-based Mutumwa Strive Masango of Kubata Kwevapostori Faith Church.

While thousands attended the free healing crusade at the grounds, hundreds more forked out $30 each to book a one-on-one session with the youthful prophet whose popularity is growing by the day.

Mutumwa Masango is known for his ‘Go back to sender’ healing message whereby he casts demons out from sick people and send them back to haunt their owners.

When The Manica Post visited the grounds, the sick and the crippled were “healed in an instant” and they quickly testified the miracles they had received.

While the healing process took place on the main arena, receipting clerks were busy collecting cash from people who wanted to see the prophet in privacy for deliverance.

About three kilometers from the ground, the church is renting a four-roomed house in the P-Section of the suburb where Mutumwa Masango meets people till late.

A commuter omnibus is used to ferry people from the ground to the house for the one-on-one sessions.

In an interview on the sidelines of the crusade, Mutumwa Masango, said his visit to Mutare was because of the increasing number of people who were travelling from the eastern border city to Harare seeking deliverance.

“This is our first time to come to Mutare and people must expect great things and see the power of the Holy Spirit. We have come here because a lot of people from this city were coming to Harare for deliverance and thus we have decided to come here and help everyone.

“Those who might fail to get help at the crusade will book for our one-on-one sessions. There is a Bible verse which says that all the bad things done by a person must be sent back to the source. Don’t let your tormentor or those who bewitch you to live. That is why we say go back to sender. Those who want deliverance will get it and through the Holy Spirit they shall see wonders in their lives.

“Don’t judge me by looking at the size of my body. You will see it for yourselves that the true man of God will deliver people through the Holy Spirit. Those who have lost their property to thieves will get it back; those practicing witchcraft will be exposed. Anything is possible through the name of Jesus Christ. Even those who went to the underworld and collected charms for self enrichment must come for deliverance.”

The Manica Post managed to talk to some of the congregants who claimed to have been delivered from all sorts of ills during the healing crusade.

Francis Zvitambo from the nearby Dora communal lands walked away a free man after he was healed from a nagging leg ailment that troubled him for years.

“Since undergoing an operation on one of my legs some years back I endured sleepless nights because of pain. Now I am a free man. I want to thank the Lord for making Mutumwa Masango to come here and help us. Before he prayed with me I want having difficulties in walking, but as he prayed I felt relieved and now I am a healed person.”

Mateo Muyambo from Chipinge who had last slept with a woman three years ago after he was ‘locked’ by his ex-wife left a happy man after being delivered.

The man who claims to have had his dysfunctional manhood restored by the prophet.

“My ex-wife locked my manhood some years back following our separation. I haven’t slept with anyone because I don’t have an erection.

When Mutumwa Masango prayed with me I felt some changes and I am already feeling an erection. I am as horny as a teenager on his first date,” he said.

Muyambo invited some people to a nearby rest room rest room where he showed them the miracle of the restored erection.

Among the congregants were nationals from Mozambique who visited the ground after they heard news of the healing crusade on Diamond FM which is heard clearly from some parts of Manica Province. – Manica Post