Croatia victory prophecy…Prophet in trouble over incorrect prediction after client loses beast

IN a comical incident, a man from Masvingo who lost a cow in a soccer bet is entangled in a nasty fight with a prophet whom he had consulted and prophesied to him that Croatia was going to win the World Cup final recently in Russia.

It is reported that Evans Nyamandi from Chikondori Village under Chief Ndanga after consulting a prophet only identified as Madzibaba Ronnie decided to wager his beast in a bet over the outcome of the World Cup final while expecting Croatia to clinch the coveted cup.

France, however, went on to win the final after beating Croatia 4-2 on Sunday last week.

It is alleged that after being promised by Madzibaba Ronnie that he was going to refund him his beast if he didn’t correctly predict the final outcome, Nyamandi then boldly entered into a bet with a fellow villager, tipping Croatia to win the final.

According to a B-Metro mole from the area, Nyamandi was hopeful that Croatia was going to win the final after his expectations were also strengthened by Madzibaba Ronnie’s predictions.

“After consulting Madzibaba Ronnie, Nyamandi who all along was supporting Croatia was convinced that it was going to win the final.

Bubbling with confidence, he didn’t bet with money, as gamblers do. He instead wagered his beast which he later lost.

“After losing it, Nyamandi angrily confronted Madzibaba Ronnie who refused to entertain him saying he never made such a prophecy to him.

“That prompted Nyamandi to take the matter to the traditional court where it is supposed to be heard before Chief Ndanga,” the mole said.

When contacted for comment Chief Ndanga could neither confirm nor deny the incident.

He said he would be at liberty to furnish this paper with details after he had presided over the matter, adding that it was also difficult for his court to deal with issues to do with prophecies.

South African broadcaster SuperSport once filed an application against a $1,5 million lawsuit launched by Spirit Embassy Church leader Prophet Uebert Angel. This was after the broadcaster carried a story on its website claiming that Angel had made a prophecy that Liverpool would win the 2013/ 2014 English Premiership title. Liverpool became eventual runners up behind Chelsea.

In April this year a man from Kenya, Amani Stanley, lost his wife to a friend Tony Shilla after wagering her on the outcome of an English Premier League soccer match declaring that Manchester City was not going to win the title against Manchester United.

In January 2014 Prophet Blessing Chiza, leader of the Bulawayo-headquartered Faith in God (FIG) Eagle Life Assembly was also roundly condemned after he falsely predicted that Zimbabwe would reach the final of the Orange Africa Nations Championships (Chan) after beating Mali 2-1.

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