Coronavirus: Defiant churches irks politicians

Dr. Maxwell Shumba

ZimFirst Leader Maxwell Shumba has expressed dismay over most of the modern churches’ defiance to both government and health experts warning for people to stop mass gatherings.

Shumba said the behaviour by some churches was very disturbing.

“All the parent Churches in Western Countries are taking heed of the advice of experts on need to social distance to help contain the dissemination of the Corona Virus by canceling church service and mass. What do off-shoot of these  churches and other religious mushrooms in Zimbabwe do?” he said.

“They dismiss expert advice and continue to gather dangerously and selfishly exposing people to a virus that has no cure at a time when our healthcare system is in comatose. To all religious practitioners who continue to recklessly continue to call people to prayer gatherings, please take heed of expert advice, stay at home or social distance and save the your life and the lives of your congregants.”

Shumba said religious zealotry is equally dangerous so they must stop it.

“Enough of the hogwash that prayer will stop the spread of the virus . Stop it! Same applies to President ED- holding a rallies in the midst of this scare is heartless and selfish. For example the Nyanga rally you held a day after you had declared an emergency shows how hypocritical and lack of regard of your own laws and human life you and your party are,” he said.

“This is no way to run a nation. Think of the people of Zimbabwe first. The rest of the nation please take heed. Please take heed I reiterate . See-All flights out of Zimbabwe are departing full to capacity with people escaping Zimbabwe. Why? Because they say if the virus hit shore (Zimbabwe) the results will be horrifying given the untenable state of the country’s healthcare system.”

Source – Byo24