Churches pray for Con-Court impartiality

HARARE – The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) has urged churches to pray for Constitutional Court (Con-Court) judges who are handling MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa‘s case to be impartial.

This comes after the Con-Court has set August 22 as the date on which it will hear the matter in which Nelson Chamisa is challenging the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s decision to declare Emmerson Mnangagwa winner of July 30 vote.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba has directed that all the necessary administrative procedures be set in place to facilitate the hearing of one of the most important political cases in Zimbabwe’s history.

Chamisa is arguing in his petition that Zec’s numbers show an inflation of votes allocated to Mnangagwa who was declared winner with a slim majority of 50,6 percent, just scrapping through avoiding a run-off by around 40 000 votes according to experts.

The opposition leader has also cited numerous irregularities including double counting and apparent reduction of votes allocated to him.

Malaba and his bench had made it clear that any respondent who is not opposed to Chamisa’s application will not be allowed to “bring supporting evidence.”

Chamisa cited all 23 presidential candidates, the Zec as well as its chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba.

Some of the presidential aspirants like Noah Manyika of Build Zimbabwe, Daniel Shumba and Eltcon Manyika have indicated they have damning evidence that could sink Mnangagwa’s claim to the throne.

But the Con-Court is refusing to admit the evidence.

In a statement, EFZ – whose membership has grown to over 700 member bodies comprising denominations, church bodies, ministries and para-church organisations — said the judges must be allowed to do their duties without fear.

“We urge the church to: pray for the judges of the Constitutional Court to be impartial, circumspect and protected as they dispense their constitutional duties without fear or favour,” the EFZ said in a statement EFZ said citizens must not incite violence.

“Pray for the complainants and respondents that they be circumspect in their arguments, that they respect the final decision of the Constitutional Court, even if it doesn’t rule in their favour.

“Pray for peace in the nation, as the whole world is following this court case, imploring the guidance and support of Almighty God.

“Pray for citizens to act and behave non-violently, constitutionally and in a God fearing manner.

“Seek practical ways of engaging the communities (beginning in the church), the political leadership and supporters within our reach with a message of pursuing peaceful resolution of disputes as well as contributing in the rebuilding of our great nation Zimbabwe.”

The EFZ said through her Peace and Justice Commission (PJC), it has been monitoring and observing the social, economic, political and spiritual environment before, during and continue to do so post-election phase.

“This we believe as the faith community, we have a Godly responsibility to seek peace everywhere and by a peaceful means.

“When we find that which makes for peace, that which aids peace, we are to pursue that vigorously but also faithfully,” it said.

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