Church elder’s mischief exposed

A WOLF in sheep’s clothing?

While she preaches peace and harmony at church, the same cannot be said about Emilia Doro Muyerai who was dragged to the Bulawayo magistrates’ court for violent behaviour.

Sometime in February last year Muyerai stood before a magistrate accused of violent conduct against her family members at an Emakhandeni suburb residence.

She was ordered by the presiding magistrate at the time to stay away from the Emakhandeni family members who had approached the courts seeking a protection order.

Barely nine months later on 10 November the elderly church leader Muyerai (69) was at it again with her violent tendencies but against different family members who reside at Number 4229 Emakhandeni suburb.

The aggrieved family members would have none of it and also approached the courts for redress.

And the beans were spilt in front of magistrate Rumbidzai Mukanga and the members of public sitting in the gallery last Wednesday when Muyerai appeared in court.

“You are again lying because the State learnt that this is not the first time you are appearing in court. We do not expect such behaviour from an old woman like you,” said Mukanga.

And the magistrate was not done.

“How do you teach other women at your church to be honest while you are lying in court yourself,” she quizzed the accused.

In her defence the accused pleaded with the court for leniency as she said she was a breadwinner taking care of four orphans.

The case against Muyerai for violating a protection order was postponed to 1 February for sentencing.

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